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Manage your APIs deployed with Istio service mesh

With the rise of microservices architectures, companies are looking for a way to connect, secure, control, and observe their microservices. Currently, a service mesh such as Istio is the best option to reach this goal.

  • Connect: Istio can intelligently control the flow of traffic between services, conduct a range of tests and upgrade gradually with blue/green deployments.
  • Secure: Automatically secure your services through managed authentication, authorization, and encryption of communication between services.
  • Control: Apply policies and ensure that they are enforced and that resources are fairly distributed among consumers.
  • Observe: See what’s happening with rich automatic tracing, monitoring, logging of all your services.

And, as explained in “Distributed microservices architecture: Istio, managed API gateways and, enterprise integration”, a service mesh does not relieve the need for an API management solution. A service mesh manages services and the connections between them, whereas an API management solution manages APIs and their consumers. In this article, I’ll describe how to manage APIs using the Red Hat Integration adapter for Istio.

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