Articles related to Open Source / Microcks:

Using Podman Compose with Microcks: A cloud-native API mocking and testing tool

Microcks is a cloud-native API mocking and testing tool. It helps you cover your API’s full lifecycle by taking your OpenAPI specifications and generating live mocks from them. It can also assert that your API implementation conforms to your OpenAPI specifications. You can deploy Microcks in a wide variety of cloud-native platforms, such as Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift. Developers who do not have corporate access to a cloud-native platform have used Docker Compose. Continue reading

Configure the TLS trust store in Apicurio Studio

Microcks and Apicurio are nice Open Source projects that can even talk to each other to deliver greater value than the sum of their parts. Unfortunately, sometimes TLS certificates can get in the way of proper communication between the two projects. This post explains how to configure the trust store in Apicurio to overcome TLS communication issues between Apicurio and Microcks. Continue reading