Articles related to Open Source / Fedora:

Build your own distribution based on Fedora CoreOS

Fedora CoreOS is a new Linux distribution from the Fedora Project that features filesystem immutability (you cannot change the system while it is running) and atomic upgrades (you cannot break your system if there is a crash or power loss during the upgrade). Upon installation, Fedora CoreOS (FCOS) can be tailored to your needs using Ignition files. Once installed, you can install RPMs, tweak configuration files, etc. This article tries to explore Fedora CoreOS customizability one step further by building your own distribution based on Fedora CoreOS. The idea would be to have everything wired in the Operating System image and minimal configuration in the Ignition file. Continue reading

Is my NTP daemon working?

If the time on your workstation or server is not stable, strange errors might appear, such as: $ tar zxvf /tmp/archive.tgz tar: my-file: time stamp 2019-03-28 14:04:45 is 0.042713488 s in the future This can happen when your NTP daemon is not synchronized. This means it cannot reliably determine the current time. Continue reading

Testing hard-drive or SSD performance on Fedora

If your Linux system appears to be slow, it might be an issue with your disks, either hard drive or SSD. Hopefully, with a few commands you can get an idea of the performances of your disks. Continue reading