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3scale toolbox: Deploy an API from the CLIBritish flag

Deploying your API from a CI/CD pipeline can be a tremendous amount of work. The latest release of Red Hat Integration greatly improved this situation by adding new capabilities to the 3scale CLI. The 3scale CLI is named 3scale toolbox and strives to help API administrators to operate their services as well as automate the delivery of their API through Continuous Delivery pipelines. Having a standard CLI is a great advantage for our customers since they can use it in the CI/CD solution of their choice (Jenkins, GitLab CI, Ansible, Tekton, etc. Continuer la lecture

5 principles for deploying your API from a CI/CD pipelineBritish flag

At Red Hat, we strongly believe an API is not “just another piece of software.” Instead, we think an API is a software component in conjunction with: An interface to communicate with it. An ecosystem of consumers that communicate with this software. A relationship with developers consuming this API. An API is built, deployed, and managed not just with the usual methods; as a result, deploying your API from a CI/CD pipeline requires additional processes, tools, and skills. Continuer la lecture

Manage your APIs deployed with Istio service meshBritish flag

With the rise of microservices architectures, companies are looking for a way to connect, secure, control, and observe their microservices. Currently, a service mesh such as Istio is the best option to reach this goal. Connect: Istio can intelligently control the flow of traffic between services, conduct a range of tests and upgrade gradually with blue/green deployments. Secure: Automatically secure your services through managed authentication, authorization, and encryption of communication between services. Continuer la lecture

Devoxx FR 2019 - Une API, de l'idée à la production, en mode agile avec Red Hat !British flag

J’ai eu l’occasion de participer au salon Devoxx FR 2019 pour co-présenter l’approche de Red Hat sur le cycle de vie des APIs avec mon collègue Laurent Broudoux. Le replay est sur la chaîne YouTube de DevoxxFR. Une #API, de l’idée à la production c’était ce matin à @DevoxxFR avec mon comparse @nmasse_itix ! Et on a fait salle comble !! @apicurio @microcksio @openshift pic.twitter.com/9DbRSe92qe — Laurent Broudoux (@lbroudoux) April 19, 2019 #devoxxfr Api Tooling Opensource #RedHat #microckio #apicurio #openshift #3scale par @lbroudoux et @nmasse_itix pic. Continuer la lecture

Full API lifecycle management: A primerBritish flag

APIs are the cornerstone of so many recent breakthroughs: from mobile applications, to the Internet of Things, to cloud computing. All those technologies expose, consume, and are built on APIs. And those APIs are a key driver for generating new revenue. Salesforce generates 50% of its revenue through APIs, Expedia generates 90% of its, and eBay generates 60% of its. With APIs becoming so central, it becomes essential to deal with full API lifecycle management. Continuer la lecture