Writing workshop instructions with Hugo

In my professional life, I often have to lead workshops with customers or partners. During those workshops, participants expect to be trained on a piece of technology or software. I usually have to provision everything needed to deliver this training and write the training instructions. Those instructions are organized as a step-by-step guide with screenshots, text, verbatim sections, links, files to downloads, etc. And maybe more important, those instructions have to be well organized, each step has to be clearly stated, identified and formatted. The progression needs to be logic and easy. At any time, the participant needs to know where he is, which steps he has completed and which steps remain. And for the trainer, it has to be easy to maintain and collaborative. Crafting support materials that can meet all those requirements is challenging. Slide decks could fit the participants needs but are very difficult to maintain for the trainer. Markdown documentation in a GIT repository are better for suited for maintenance and collaboration but is difficult to work with for the participants. Hopefully Hugo can help us! Continue reading

Use Ansible to manage the QoS of your OpenShift workload

As I was administering my OpenShift cluster, I found out that I had a too much memory requests. To preserve a good quality of service on my cluster, I had to tacle this issue. Continue reading